Royal villa

In 1954, architect Antoine Dugardijn built a family retreat in Ostend meant for the royal family. The white, rural villa contains 20 rooms, 16 bathrooms, an industrial kitchen, a swimming pool, a large garden and, most of all, a sea view. Today, the villa serves as a care hotel as well as a health centre. People with chronic illness or other physical ailments can relax here quite comfortably, even accompanied by a caregiver and/or partner. The health centre is uniquely located near the sea: it is a real oasis of tranquillity.

What do we do?

The Royal Villa is a care hotel and a health centre. The care hotel is the place to be if you wish to take a holiday or if you need to reenergise. Here, you can also recuperate after an operation or regain your strength during a chronic illness. The unique setting near the coast guarantees tranquillity and a good recovery.

At the health centre, rehabilitation is organised for outpatients. We also work on preventive health projects. Care programmes like the oncological rehabilitation programme stimulate recovery after an illness or an intervention and are always supervised by a specialised medical and paramedical team.

Wellbeing is our priority

What makes our concept unique is the diversity of the activities we offer. This way, people forget their worries and their fears for a while, to take a moment to themselves.

Opening hours

You can contact us on workdays between 9 & 12 and 13 & 15 on our phonenumber.

Koninklijke villa
Koningsstraat 79
8400 Oostende
  • Absolutely delicious food, great accommodations, friendly personnel and excellent care; we enjoyed every minute of it!
    - E. & T.
  • Our stay was so very satisfying. My husband could rest up, recuperate and regain his strength before his next chemo. The magnificent view of the beach was a real delight; he could watch me jog or dive into the sea. The helpful personnel deserves praise, too, just like the delicious food. Thank you!
    - K. & C.
  • My stay at the villa felt like a warm bath. Thank you!
    - L.
  • Someone like me came here to reenergise for three days and she was really thrilled. It felt to her like coming home with the other guests and the personnel, and she enjoyed the atmosphere of the hotel.
    - Vzw Think-Pink
  • We enjoyed the very nice breakfast with the best of views, the agreeable wellness, the large room and especially the very welcoming people. Thank you so much!
    - E.D. uit Loppem