To most patients rest and unwinding is essential to recovery. At the Royal Villa we are happy to welcome you for a holiday with care. This means you can enjoy the safe environment carefree, because there are always caregivers around you can reach by using the call system. Since we cooperate with a hospital, kidney patients are also welcome with us, because we can provide the daily dialysis.

How far does the care go?

To be able to stay at the Royal Villa an ADL independence is required (Activities of Daily Living). This means you have to be able to be independent all day or with minimal care of a third person.

If you need more care, we recommend you bring a caregiver.

What do you need to bring?

You should bring the necessary instructions for (physio)therapy, your wheelchair or walker and your medication. At the Royal Villa you can obtain prescribed medication, but not during the weekend or on the day you checked in.

These are the possible arrangements

Needing care is no longer a reason not to go on holiday. Set in our quiet décor, we offer you and your caregiver a real holiday feeling, while ensuring you receive the care you need.

Starting at € 100/NIGHT 

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Our arrangements for a holiday with care

Reenergising in three days

The concept ‘reenergising in three days’ introduces you to an innovative and complete concept that is all about a healthy life style. At the Royal Villa near the sea, you will learn to take some me time again, and most of all, you learn to enjoy yourself during or after an illness.

This offer is meant exclusively for cancer patients who do not need nursing care and it cannot be combined with a regular stay.

Starts at € 190

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Care hotel

If you wish to recover from an operation or medical treatment, the Koninklijke Villa at Ostend is the place to be. People with a chronic illness or other physical ailments can also completely unwind in this care hotel near the sea.

Starts at € 100/night

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Make the most of your stay in Ostend

At the Royal Villa you have everything you need, but it is the perfect opportunity to go explore the city of Ostend. Located near the sea, Ostend has a lot to offer! Whether you like shopping, dining, drinking, walking, art & culture or spending the day with your (grand)children, the possibilities are endless! On the website of Tourism Ostend, you will find all the suggestions and the places to see.

Tips? Check out visitoostende.be!

  • It was clean, good, warm and magical. It was important. Reminiscing over how stories help empower people: I saw it happen. Two days later I am still as astonished (if not more).
    - G.
  • It has been years since we enjoyed ourselves so much. During our stay at the Koninklijke Villa everything went smoothly, the personnel was very accommodating and the location is magnificent!
    - R. & L.
  • The sea view, the good food and the support of family and friends have done wonders.
    - C.V.
  • You have, without a shadow of a doubt, lived up to your reputation. I cannot thank you enough. All the ladies accompanying me agree: it was amazing!
    - R.D.