Rehabilitation after cancer: catching your breath near the sea

The concept ‘catching your breath near the sea’ completes the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer. It is you who takes charge of the journey to a new philosophy and life style.

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Take some time to take care of yourself

Cancer changes your life immensely. Maybe you became insecure or you want a change of scenery. The unique concept for rehabilitation after having had cancer ‘Catching your breath near the sea’ helps you with that. You can share your experiences with others who will know exactly what you mean. We also provide guidance so you can stop and think for a moment about your life.


The midweek ‘Catching your breath near the sea’ focuses entirely on your wellbeing and your emotions. The programme consists of breathing and relaxing exercises as well as physical and creative therapy. By combining rest, healthy food and relaxing wellness, you will regain your strength in no time!

This rehabilitation can turn your life around after having had cancer. The Koninklijke Villa is an inspiring place for those who had to face illness and are looking for some quiet to reenergise.

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The midweek is organised by Lou Cabanier, relaxation therapist and counsellor. Would you like to know more about this concept? Take a look on the site  Op adem komen aan zee