All prices include meals and use of the wellbeing infrastructure before or after the opening hours of the rehabilitation centre. 


The Royal Villa offers two types of rooms:

At the first floor

The rooms on the first floor are larger than those on the second floor. There are three types to choose from:

- Large double room with panoramic sea view: € 200/night*
- Frontal sea view: € 165/night*
- Lateral sea view or looking over the Japanese garden (according to availability): € 135/night*

At the second floor

Frontal sea view, lateral sea view or looking over the Japanese garden (according availability): € 105/night*

Single room: € 95/night

* Prices per person. In case of a second person staying at the room: € 75/night for a continuous stay, € 105/night for occasional overnight stays during the stay of the first person.

General conditions

  • The prices above do not include the rehabilitation treatments provided at the rehabilitation centre which will be invoiced according to the system of third-party payment. This means the co-payment is still to be paid.
  • The price of the room does not include special pharmaceutical treatments nor the honoraria of the paramedical professionals.
  • The desired room can only be assigned if it is available. If you do wish to remain in the same room, the price of the room will be raised by € 10/night.
  • Upon arrival you pay the entire day price. Upon departure we take into account the consumptions (extra drinks and services) and the consultations before invoicing.
  • In case of cancellation until three days before your arrival you will not be charged. If you cancel within three days of your arrival, a lump sum of € 250 has to be paid.
  • Check-out before 10 a.m. Delaying your departure is only possible if you have given us timely notice. You also need to pay half the day price.

Conditions for cancellation, termination and advance payment

If you leave earlier than agreed (terminating the anticipated stay), BZIO does not have to refund the paid day price. Only in case of an urgent personal hospitalisation (within 24 hours) during your stay, the day price can be refunded if you can produce a certificate of hospitalisation of the hospital in question.

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