The restaurant

The Royal Villa even offers good, healthy food and a varied menu. The restaurant is open to guests as well as their visitors. 

The restaurant

Good and healthy food …

Nutrition is crucial to regain your strength. Our creative kooks serve the most delicious meals while ensuring they are healthy. It goes without saying that we also take into account your specific wishes and diets. Our welcoming personnel will always accommodate your with great care.

… set in a cosy décor with a sea view

Do you have visitors and would you like to dine together? Well then, feel free to invite your family and friends. The atmosphere in the restaurant and the sea view are very agreeable, allowing you to catch up with everyone. Make yourself at home, lean back and enjoy the delicious meals and the impeccable service.

Would you like to reserve a table? Please do not hesitate to contact us or ask our personnel about it.