Recovery stay

If you wish to quietly recover after an operation or a medical treatment, the Royal Villa in Ostend is the place for you. People with a chronic illness or other physical ailments can completely unwind in our care hotel near the sea, too.

Recover in an oasis of tranquillity and safety

If you wish to stay with us for recovery, we ask you bring the letter of referral of the treating doctor. This way, we can assure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Your reservation is for a recovery cure and therefore you will be followed up medically and paramedically. If you do not wish this, you will be charged for a purely lodging stay, i.e. the room/day price of the reservation will be increased by the applicable VAT rate of 21%.


A recovery stay, preferably with a letter of referral.

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The care we offer


The health centre counts more than 20 ergonomic rooms. These ensure a comfortable recovery or holiday at the coast, for a short or a long period of time.

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Oncological rehabilitation

The Royal Villa offers cancer patients a chance to rehabilitate in the presence of people with the same experiences. Thanks to a specialised care programme for oncology, you will feel stronger again emotionally and physically.

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Reenergising in three days

The concept ‘reenergising in three days’ introduces you to an innovative and complete concept that is all about a healthy life style. At the Koninklijke Villa near the sea, you will learn to take some me time again, and most of all, you learn to enjoy yourself during or after an illness.

This offer is meant exclusively for cancer patients who do not need nursing care and it cannot be combined with a regular stay.

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Do you wish to swiftly regain your strength after a medical intervention? The Royal Villa organises rehabilitation for outpatients. By focussing on relaxation, health and rest the recovery is facilitated. Do you need physical therapy or ergo-therapy? We provide those for outpatients, too.

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Focussing on wellbeing

The centre for recovery was created because we wanted to offer the very best rehabilitation to cancer patients. The care programme for oncology gives them a chance to step out of isolation and to work on their wellbeing with people with the same experience. To achieve that, we balance body, soul, exercise and nutrition.

Combining body and soul

For the body we provide massages and care, the use of the pool, the sauna and the infrared sauna. Moreover, we organise activities like aquagym, yoga, walks and cycling. The clients can also participate in a rehabilitation programme or in individual physical therapy. To heal the soul we work on relaxation, handling stress, managing activities ...

Concerning the last aspect, nutrition, we collaborate with a specialist who gives advice either individually or in group. The kitchen of our health restaurant also contributes to healthy nutrition.

Would you like more information about our centre for recovery? Please contact us.