Oncological rehabilitation

The Royal Villa offers cancer patients a chance to rehabilitate in the presence of people with the same experiences. Thanks to a specialised care programme for oncology, you will feel stronger again emotionally and physically.


Oncological rehabilitation

We provide a multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme that consists of physical therapy, ergo-therapy, psychosocial guidance and support of a rehabilitation specialist, a cardiologist, a dietician and a psychologist. Our goal is to maximise self-sufficiency which facilitates reintegration in the social, professional and family environment.

Your goals are essential

The rehabilitation does not take place at a hospital, but is set in a unique and quiet environment. The exact goals of the care and exercise programme for oncology are determined based on your individual needs. Possible goals are:

  • To develop and maintain an active life style
  • To enhance the aerobic endurance to the maximum
  • To reinforce certain muscle groups and to enhance muscle endurance
  • To improve the body composition
  • To increase coordination and balance
  • To work on performing functional acts

Frequency of the therapy

Outpatients in the acute phase who are following the oncological care programme come in twice a week to exercise for 32 sessions. After that, they join the chronic group who exercises once a week for 48 sessions. Relapsing patients can start a new series of sessions.

For patients following post diagnostic/curative treatments we adjust the frequency according to the possibilities of the patient.

Learning to relax again

During the care programme for oncology you will learn to enjoy things again, to stop worrying and to take some me time. A variation of additional wellbeing activities will help you achieve this. To really make the most of all our facilities, you can combine the care programme with a stay at the Royal Villa. Check out our rooms.



The oncological rehabilitation will be invoiced via a hospital bill according to the current third-party payment regulations.

Starting the rehabilitation

Before starting the care programme for oncology you need to consult one of our rehabilitation specialists. You can make an appointment by calling 059 80 45 19. Please present yourself at the reception before the appointment with your identification and medical file.