Support our organisation

Would you like to support the Royal Villa and offer people with a chronic illness or other physical ailments the rest and relaxation they so deserve? You can always donate to our Support Fund.


You are welcome to donate via the account number: BE10 0000 0000 0404 of the King Baudouin Foundation. Do not forget to mention “Koninklijke Villa Oostende 197/0290/00004".

If you donate € 40 or more, you will automatically receive a fiscal certificate.

The Support Fund for Oncological Rehabilitation

The Steunfonds, short for Steunfonds voor Oncologische Revalidatie Koninklijke Villa Oostende vzw, is a Belgian support fund that sprung in 2007 from the Belgian Sea Institute for Orthopedics. The president is Minister of State, Johan Vande Lanotte.

The support fund organises initiatives to improve conditions for people with cancer as well as the people around them. At the Royal Villa we guide people with cancer through their healing and recovery process by combining medical and psychological support, physical training and individual therapy. All this is scientifically done and regardless of the financial possibilities.

The support fund gathers its means through fundraising, gifts, legacies and organising activities. Those means are put to use by creating initiatives that add to the medical goal of BZIO.

The support fund has four specific objectives:

  • Psychological support for people with cancer as well as for the people around them
  • Nutritional guidance with individual dietary advice that fits into the complete concept
  • Wellbeing guidance of patients to improve life quality and to reintegrate sooner
  • Scientific following up the results of the complete concept